Amp-fx Wollmammut Bass Fuzz Clone // Handmade in Berlin.

Amp-fx Wollmammut Fuzz clone

Endless subs for guitar and bass. The stings vibrate, the walls shake. Watch the videos.

Without a doubt, this is the weirdest sounding fuzz you have ever heard. The designer went a little overboard with the low end. The Wollmammut adds sub octaves to your signal. Some of them aren't even audible. You just feel them in your body. It is very sensitive towards the way you hit the strings. Perfect for bass, perfect for guitar, perfect for tearing down the walls.

Based on the famous WM by hmmm... we write [zee.wecks] which is worth every penny of the 379 Euro price tag. However, you can get the same earthquake simulator from Amp-fx. Aaand save 240 Euro. We skip the hand painting part.

Wollmammut Fuzz for bass and guitar
Wollmammut Fuzz.
Used components:

Only the best components available reach the high expectations we have in an Amp-fx pedal. we use xtra low noise resistors, high end audio electrolytic caps made by Panasonic and sturdy 1/4" jacks "made in Japan". The PCB we use took our engineering department weeks to design for the lowest background noise level possible. The pedal is true bypass to leave your tone unaltered when switched off. Soundwise you do not hear a difference to the expensive hand painted version from overseas. Amp-fx promises that to you.

The natural finish of the aluminium box follows the minimalistic design we are famous for. It is quite charming, rugged and ready for the road. The labeling of the dials is done by hand (so is the entire pedal by the way). The white letters shine on black embossing tape.

The most important detail when building this effect is to pick the right transistors with the correct gain (hfe called in electrical engineering). We check each transistor carefully before soldering and test the sound of the finished pedal. That is why we can guarantee you a perfect sounding result.

Demo Video 2

Fuzz for guitar and bass.
139 Euro.

The knobs to control the beast:

Output: Adjust the volume here. Never turn it up al the way. The pedal has a lot of output.

EQ: Perfect designed tome control. It goes from high low end & low high end over emphasizing the mids to high high end & low low end. Everything is possible.

Pinch: Changes the harmonic structure. Wave forms from symmetrical (left) to unsymmetrical (right) are possible. If the knob is at 1 o'clock you will also get a nice gate function. This leads to silence between the notes you play. Makes the sound crumble away.

Wool: This is the "Fuzz" knob on a Fuzz Face. Adds fuzziness and volume if turned clockwise.

Nima from Cologne did this one. Thanks a lot :)

Power supply:

The pedal can be powered using an internal 9V battery or an external 9V Boss style (center negative) AC adapter. The battery disconnects from the circuit when you pull the input jack. This will extend the battery lifetime. The current consumption of the pedal is -very- low. It draws less than half a milliampere.

One last thing:

The pedal gets along best with passive pickups. The ideal position is right after the guitar / bass. Active pickups or pedals in front of the woolly are not so welcome.

Bonaparte feat. the Amp-fx Wollmammut.

Bonaparte - for years one of our most loyal customers. He has two of these from us. In the song "Quarantine" the Wollmammut is heavily used. Without our pedal this song would have not been posible, at least it would sound way different :)


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