Amp-fx Micro Amp Clean Boost // Handmade in Berlin.

Amp-fx Micro Amp. Makes you louder.

The clean boost for the sophisticated musician.

Do you like your sound as it is already? But just not loud enough? Then the Amp-fx Micro Amp is for you. It makes you louder. Nothing else.

Tis is the by far most sold Amp-fx pedal. Small, rugged, clean. The professional musician knows how valuable pedalboard space is. That's why Amp-fx builds this clean boost as small as possible. Dimensions: 90 x 40 x 50mm (length, width, height).

The pedal amplifies the incoming guitar signal without changing it in any form. The dial selects the amplification factor. Gain up to +29dB is possible. In the entire range of audibility the Micro Amp works linear, free of distortion and without any noise. This is the perfect guitar clean boost pedal. Turns up the volume - nothing else.

High End Micro Amp. Extreme linear in the entire audio range.
Range of use:
Add gain to your instrument during solos and louder passages.

Get the typical tube-distortion-sound out of your tubeamp.

Catch up signal loss after a long chain of other pedals.

Use it to switch between guitars that have different outputs.

Works perfect as a buffer. Do not let long cords ruin your tone.

89 Euro.

The pedal is far superior to its well known competitor. Tone tested, high end components ensure a crystal clear amplification. Audio caps from Panasonic, xtra low noise resistors and a op-amp chip (OPA134 by Burr Brown // Texas Instruments) that is usually found in super expensive studio gear.

The sturdy and light aluminium casing shields perfectly against unwanted influences from outside. Designed in the minimalistic way that Amp-fx is known for.

The Micro Amp is true bypass to leave your tone unaltered when switched off.

This preamp pedal can be powered by an external 9V AC adapter only. Battery operation is not possible. For more headroom you can power it with up to 18V. Higher Headroom lets you set a higher gain without the signal start to clip. Perfect for driving your tube amp into distortion.

Free of distortion and noise. Wins every AB test.

Amp-fx Micro Amp:

MXR Micro Amp:

Minimized output impedance

The longer the cable on the output the higher its capacitance. The output signal has to charge it directly proportional to the frequency. A low impedance allows high currents. The higher the current the faster the charging of the capacitance. Fast charging means: the high-end is amplified as perfect as the low-end.

High output impedance

The high output impedance paired with the cable capacity forms a low-pass. The higher the impedance the less current can flow. Charging the cable capacity takes longer. This means the high-end is amplified less than the low-end. This limits the use of the pedal. Keyboards or line level signals are falsified.

Improved bass response

We increased the low-end response and the pedals linearity. All frequencies in the range of audibility (20 Hz - 20 kHz) are amplified equal. The pedal is not just made for guitar and bass. It can be used for every instrument or line level signal.

Loses your low-end

The pedal was designed for guitar. It is good for that. Bass plays in a lower frequency range. The pedal is not good for that. The lower the frequencies the less they get amplified. Audio engineers call this a non-linear response.

Perfect as a buffer

Your weapon against high-end loss. The low output impedance drives long cables without weakening or changing your signal.

Not so perfect as a buffer

What you can read on the left does not apply here. The high output impedance makes your signal weak and loses your high-end.

With true bypass

All Amp-fx pedal are true bypass. They do not change your signal when turned off.

Without true bypass

MXR has no true bypass. A possible result is tone sucking.

Wide supply voltage range

The Micro Amp can be powered with up to 18 volts. Higher voltage gives you more "headroom" (higher possible gain settings without clipping). Perfect to overdrive tube amps.

Small supply voltage range

Connect the MXR pedal to 18 volt in order to produce some toxic waste. It is not designed to work with anything else than 9 Volt.

High gain possibilities

The pedal amplifies up to +29dB (about 29 times). This makes sence if supplied with 18 volts, since the headroom is double as high as with 9 volts.

Not so high gain possibilities

Out competitor amplifies up to +26,7dB (about 22 times). Not bad but it can be better. Look to the left.

Modern op-amp chip

Der eingebaute Operationsverstärker - das Herz der Schaltung - ist ein moderner OPA134 von Burr Brown. Dieser wurde für höchstqualitative Soundanwendungen designed. Die im Datenblatt angegebene Verzerrung beträgt nur 0.00008%!

Antique op-amp chip

MXR still uses the µA741 chip from the beginning of modern ship production. It is produced since 1968 without any changes. Without a doubt the most famous and most used op-amp on the market. However 45 years in electronics is forever.

Finally here is a picture of two Micro Amp printed circuit boards (PCBs):

The small one is made by Amp-fx, the big one by MXR.

In electrical engineering it always has been like this: the smaller the better.

Simply because the signals have shorter ways to go on small PCBs. That means that there are less possibilities for errors to sneak into the system.

We here at Amp-fx know that and act upon.

That's why we are so brilliant.



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