Guitar Junctionbox, Patchbox, Patchbay, Breakoutbox, Terminalbox

Amp-fx 4 Channel Mono Patchbox // straight version.

Saves time and gives your pedalboard a tidy look. Handmade in Berlin.

49 Euro.

This patchbox reduces the hooking-up effort to a minimum. There is only one point on the pedalboard for all cables from and to: guitar, amp, amp effect loop, amp foot switch... Everything connects to the patch box. This is much faster and protects the jacks of the valuable effects, since there is no need to be constantly plugged in and out.

Manufactured with high-quality, durable connectors. The good reputation of Rean (a company of Neutrik AG) has given them a name in pro-audio equipment. They are extremely sturdy and stable. Installed in a 2mm thick cast aluminum housing.

Serving suggestion

On request, the channels can also be build in stereo. Write me an email.

The popular Hicon 'Pancake' connectors fit directly next to eachother only in the 4 channel version.
Some feedback from my wonderful customers:

Keep in mind, they are musicians - not photographers ; )

3 years warranty, 1 month right of return.

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